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Heineken, 24PK Bottles - 12OZ Each

Available immediately Brand: Heineken Beer Style: Lager Country of Origin: Holland Alcohol Percentage: 5%


Brewing beer is a 100% natural process. To guarantee a consistently high quality, a thorough knowledge of the brewing process is essential. Heineken beer is brewed using solely malted barley, water, hops and yeast. The malted barley is ground, mixed with water and then heated. Step by step, the temperature increases so that the starch in the malted barley is converted into sugars. Later on, during fermentation, most of these sugars are converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. After the solids have been filtered out, the result is 'wort', which is then brought to a boil. During that boiling process the brewers add the hops. Hop, a plant of which only the flower is used, gives the beer its characteristic bitter taste and improves its lifespan. After the wort has been boiled, the next step is fermentation. First, the wort has to be cooled down to 8 degrees Celsius. Yeast is added to the wort and the process of converting the sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide can begin. That takes place in special fermentation tanks, where the beer remains for seven to ten days. The result is 'young beer' that ? cooled down to freezing point ? is pumped into storage cellars for post-fermentation. One of the goals of this storage is to improve the beer's taste and clarity and give it better keeping properties. Once storage is completed, the remaining step is filtration, after which a superb-tasting, bright and clear beer is filled into bottles, cans.

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