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Bronx Slow Your Roll, 24 Cans - 12OZ Each

Available immediately Brand: Bronx Beer Style: India Pale Ale Country of Origin: USA Region of Origin: New York Alcohol Percentage: 4.6%


Easy drinking IPA with loads of tropical hops & subtle tart finish. To keep pace in New York City youíve got to be able to get things done in a New York minute. Itís a fast-paced, frenzied lifestyle that we love being part of but now and then itís good to pump the brakes a bit and slow it all down. This Session IPA is perfect for those chill moments when you want to lean back and take it all in. We brew this IPA with two of our favorite hops for some amazing tropical fruit aromas and add red wheat malt to give it a crisp, tart finish. An easy drinking 4.6% ABV makes this the ideal brew for when itís time to Slow Your Roll.

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